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"The Synchronics Group's visuals make complex cases simple so the jury can see for themselves why you should win."
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Photo of principle Constance Bernstein of Jury and Trial Consulting:The Synchronics Group Trial Consultants
Constance Bernstein, founder and principal consultant for The Synchronics Group Trial Consultants, has been working with attorneys in the courtroom for over 25 years. She taught at Boalt Law School at the University of California, Berkeley, and presently teaches at Stanford University and the University of San Francisco Law Schools in their special advocacy programs.
The California Continuing Education of the Bar has featured her in three videos: Effective Courtroom Communications, Persuasive Techniques for Opening Statement and Examining Expert Witnesses. She regularly speaks before the California State Bar Annual Meeting and gives numerous CLE presentations before professional organizations and local bar associations.
She has been published nationally, in such magazines and journals as : Trial Magazine, For the Defense, Lawyer’s Alert, Lawyer’s Weekly, The National Law Journal, The New York Law Journal, The Testifying Expert, Journal of Forensic Document Examination and Trial Excellence. Her California publications include: The California Lawyer, The Daily Journal, California Continuing Education of the Bar’s Civil Litigation Reporter, The State Bar’s Family Law Section,The Recorder and In Brief.
As well as her work with attorneys and experts in the United States, Ms. Bernstein consults with executives in Europe to prepare them for presentations at international meetings. Ms. Bernstein gained her experience in persuasive communications as a former university lecturer, journalist, writer, television producer, management consultant and management trainer.


Photo of Ivan Hudak the designer for Jury and Trial Consulting:The Synchronics Group Trial Consultants
email: ihudak@synchronicsgroup.com

As chief artist and designer for The Synchronics Group, Ivan Hudak combines the latest technology in computers and printing with his expertise in graphic arts to develop and produce persuasive and compelling courtroom exhibits. As principal of his own company, iNiT graphics, Mr. Hudak has serviced the legal community in its graphic needs for over a decade.